Russian diplomat explained why the Ukrainian Armed Forces are not going to march on Moscow

The Ukrainian armed forces are “definitely not going to” go to Moscow , since Kiev will “lose pretty soon.” This was stated by the First Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN , Dmitry Polyansky, on the social network X.

“Ukrainian troops are definitely not going to march on Moscow, since the Kiev regime will lose pretty soon. But, as the Ukrainian crisis shows, Russia’s existence is threatened by NATO , which is de facto waging war in Ukraine through its proxies. This is the pinnacle of the long-term US strategy to weaken and then defeat Russia,” he wrote, responding to the words of former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul , who said that nothing threatens the existence of Russia, and if Moscow withdraws its troops tomorrow, the future of the Russian Federation “ It will be wonderful.” According to McFaul, Ukrainian troops are not going to march on Moscow, and NATO will never attack the Russian Federation “unless Russia attacks it first.”

Polyansky believes that the world will change after the defeat of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and his supporters.

According to him, it will be a “huge mistake of the West” if NATO and the United States do not draw any conclusions and engage in a sincere and deep transformation of the European security architecture based on the principle of indivisible security.

Prior to this, the Russian Permanent Mission announced a change in attitude towards Ukraine at the UN.

Earlier, the United States named one of the greatest threats to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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