The US Congress demanded that Austin explain the delay in notifying about hospitalization

Members of the Armed Services Committee of the US House of Representatives said that the head of the country’s Department of Defense, Lloyd Austin, must give an explanation why the Pentagon did not promptly report his hospitalization. TASS reports this .

The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Republican Mike Rogers , and the head of the Democratic minority on this committee, Adam Smith , noted that they wish Austin a speedy recovery, but at the same time expressed concern about how his condition became known.

The congressmen emphasized that questions remain about what medical procedure the Secretary of Defense underwent and what complications arose, how Austin’s condition is assessed now, how and when the transfer of powers from the head of the Pentagon took place, and what was the reason for the delay in informing President Joe Biden and the US Congress .

Rogers and Smith both said transparency is key and Austin should provide more information regarding his health and last week’s decision-making process as soon as possible.

Earlier, the Pentagon said that they could not yet give a specific date for Austin’s discharge from the hospital.

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