Japanese Foreign Minister held a press conference in the basement of the Ukrainian capital

Japanese Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa was forced to hold a press conference in the basement during a visit to Kiev. This was reported by the Ukrainian Channel 24, publishing relevant footage from the event.

The material indicates that the head of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba also took part in the briefing for journalists . At the same time, video footage from the event shows both diplomats sitting near electrical panels with the words “live” and “danger to life.”

According to media reports, the ministers had to hold a press conference in such conditions due to an air raid warning in the city. According to an online resource for alerting the population, sirens went off in the morning in Kiev and the region.

As noted in the material, during the briefing Kamikawa announced the Japanese government’s plans to contribute $37 million to a special NATO fund to support Ukraine. It is expected that these funds will be spent on the purchase of systems for detecting unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

On January 4, the Japanese Foreign Ministry announced a foreign tour of the head of the department, during which she was to visit the United States and Germany . Kamikawa also has trips planned to Finland , Poland , the Netherlands , Canada and Turkey from January 5 to 17 . Information about the visit to Ukraine was not disclosed in advance.

Earlier, Tokyo announced its intention to allocate $4.5 billion to help Kiev.


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