In Ukraine, the death of a MiG-29 pilot with the call sign “Blue Helmet” was reported

The pilot of the Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter, who was assigned the call sign “Blue Helmet,” died while flying in a combat zone. This was reported by the local publication, citing publications on social networks.

The material indicates that the serviceman’s name was Vladislav and he was 23 years old. At the same time, government representatives have not yet given any official comments about the fate of the pilot, the article clarifies.

“A MiG-29 fighter pilot with the call sign “Blue Helmet” died in Ukraine ,” the publication says.

According to the publication, the serviceman could have died in December 2023. The authors of the material associate his death with one of the messages from the Russian Ministry of Defense , according to which the country’s soldiers shot down a Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter in the zone of a special military operation (SVO).

On December 8, the Russian military department announced that within a week, air defense systems had eliminated three Ukrainian MiG-29 fighters and two Su-25 fighters in the sky. In addition, one Mi-8 helicopter was hit.

On December 17, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported two more downed MiG-29 fighters belonging to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). On the same day, information appeared about the liquidation of the Ukrainian Su-25 fighter in the combat zone.

Earlier, an actor from the series “The Return of Mukhtar”, who joined the ranks of the Ukrainian troops, died at the front.


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