Russians will be able to receive up to 36 thousand in retirement using the new program

In Russia, in 2024, a long-term savings program for citizens (LPS) will be launched, which will allow you to save for retirement on your own, and the state will co-finance investments in the amount of up to 36 thousand rubles per year. The newspaper Izvestia writes about this .

As the publication notes, PDS is a voluntary savings product for citizens over 18 years of age. To participate in the program, you must enter into an agreement with a non-state pension fund (NPF). After this, you will be able to independently make contributions to your account and transfer pension savings accumulated from 2002 to 2014.

In the first three years after joining the program, the state will increase these investments. Co-financing will amount to 36 thousand rubles per year. To receive an additional 36 thousand rubles from the authorities, you need to deposit the same amount in 12 months, the publication emphasizes. At the same time, you need to earn up to 80 thousand rubles per month; if the income is higher, then there will be less favorable conditions.

The material also notes that periodic payments are due for a period of 10 years or for life. You can start receiving them 15 years after joining the PDS or upon reaching 55 years for women and 60 for men.

In December it was reported that long-term savings in Russia will primarily be offered to pre-retirement people.

Previously, Putin signed a law on the delivery of pensions only by Russian Post.

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