Former Israeli Prime Minister believes that Hamas cannot be stopped by diplomacy and appeals

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak supported Israel’s ground operation in the Gaza Strip, reports Deutsche Welle (the organization is included in the list of foreign agents by the Ministry of Justice).

He said Hamas’ activities in Gaza could not be stopped by “air strikes, diplomacy, Israel’s televised appeals or global support.”

He noted that the Hamas attack was the biggest blow since the founding of Israel.

Earlier , the Israel Defense Forces said it was preparing to expand its offensive in the Gaza Strip to include a ground operation.

The IDF statement noted that troops are deployed throughout the country and troop levels are ready for the next phase of the fight against Hamas, “focusing on a significant ground operation.”

The Israel Defense Forces also emphasizes that it is preparing for a wide range of offensives that will be conducted “from air, sea and land.”

Prior to this, the IDF announced large-scale attacks on targets of the Palestinian Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip. On October 14, the IDF said that the Israeli army used drones to strike Hamas militants who fired an anti-tank missile in an area near Gaza.

Earlier, Netanyahu said that Israel was moving to a massive attack, “like never before.”


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