Nine rockets fired at Israel from Lebanon

Following reports of sirens in northern Israel, nine rockets were fired into Israel from Lebanon . This was reported by the press service of the Israel Defense Forces ( IDF ) in the official Telegram channel .

“Nine rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israeli territory,” the publication says.

The material notes that the IDF air defense system intercepted five out of nine missiles.

At the moment, the Israeli army is striking the launch site in Lebanon, the message concludes.

The Israeli army is going to use JDAM aerial bombs in the Gaza Strip, and then launch a ground invasion of the region, said Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh . For several days now, IDF planes have been dropping leaflets calling on Gazans to evacuate to Egypt . It is not yet clear whether Cairo will agree to accept more than a million refugees. Read more in the article “Gazeta.Ru” .

Earlier, the head of the Israeli Defense Ministry announced plans to destroy all tunnels in the Gaza Strip.

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