Student Tutberidze was upset because of her victory at the Russian Grand Prix stage

Figure skater Adelia Petrosyan, after winning the first stage of the Russian Grand Prix in Ufa , admitted that she was upset about her performance in the free program. Her words are reported by Sport24 .

“Apparently, I was burnt out, tired – I performed last. I’ll work on it. I expected to do more, so I’m upset. I’ve never played gentle music before. When the coaches suggested it to me, I almost burst into tears from emotion. This kind of victory doesn’t suit me. I won’t celebrate,” Petrosyan said.

The athlete, who trains with the coaching staff of Eteri Tutberidze , Sergei Dudakov and Daniil Gleikhengauz, scored 234.74 points for both programs. In the short skate, for which Petrosyan received 150.36 points, she fell from a quadruple flip and a four-revolution toe loop, but jumped a quadruple toe loop + double axel cascade, allowing a step-out.

In second place was Anna Frolova , who received 137.49 points for her free program and 210.88 points in total. Elizaveta Kulikova, who is spending her first senior season, closed the top three. She scored 199.21 points for two skates, and 133.57 points for her free skate.

Gazeta.Ru conducted an online text broadcast of the competition.

Earlier, the Russian figure skater expressed hope that Russians would be allowed to participate in international competitions.


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