Russian woman invited new acquaintances to visit and was beaten and raped by one of them

A resident of the Leningrad region invited four new acquaintances to visit and was subjected to sexual and physical violence. This was reported by

The incident occurred in the city of Kudrovo on October 14. A 40-year-old city woman was relaxing in one of the bars and met a group of young people there. After some time, she decided to invite them to her home to continue the evening. A group of four men and one woman listened to vinyl records until three in the morning, then the three guests left.

At home, the Russian woman had only one new acquaintance left, who, soon after his friends left, told the woman that he wanted to have sex with her. However, she refused and, according to her, this aroused the man’s anger. He beat her with his hands and forced her to have sexual intercourse, however, when the victim explained during this that her son was to be brought to her early in the morning, he hurriedly left.

That evening, the victim contacted the police and asked to bring the rapist to justice. The applicant was sent to hospital for examination.

Earlier, in Novy Urengoy, a man was spotted pestering a girl on the street and inviting her to visit.

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