In Germany they told when Ukraine could launch a new counter-offensive

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) may again go on a counter-offensive after Ukraine receives American F-16 fighter jets from Norway . The German TV channel Welt writes about this, reports the agency

According to the TV channel, Ukrainian troops may launch a new offensive in the coming months.

The target of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will probably be Crimea , according to Welt.

Western countries promised to transfer F-16s to Ukraine if the country creates the necessary conditions for the use of these fighters.

On January 6, the Danish newspaper Berlingske reported that the Danish Ministry of Defense decided to postpone the delivery of the first batch of American F-16 fighters to Ukraine. According to Danish authorities, Kyiv is not yet ready to operate such equipment. They expect all conditions for the transfer to be met in the second quarter of 2024. A member of the Russian State Duma Committee on Defense , Yuri Shvytkin , suggested that the Danish authorities could postpone the delivery of F-16s due to internal problems in the country.

Earlier, NATO named the condition for the transfer of F-16s to Ukraine.


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