Tarasova named a figure skater who has the same future as Zagitova and Medvedeva

Honored Coach of the USSR Tatyana Tarasova appreciated the performance of figure skater Adelia Petrosyan at the Russian Grand Prix stage in Ufa . Her words are reported by Sport24 .

“Petrosyan surprises everyone. Yes, the quadruple flip didn’t work out during the performance, but she had everything in the warm-up. You need to understand that no one in the world has made such a jump! And she can already do this. After some time, she will be able to perform a quadruple on the rental platform. Absolutely deserved first place. Falling doesn’t stop you from winning. She has the same future as Zagitova and Medvedeva,” Tarasova said.

On October 15, Petrosyan became the first at the Russian Grand Prix stage in Ufa, ahead of Anna Frolova and Elizaveta Kulikova.

In 2022, Petrosyan became the bronze medalist of the Russian Championship, losing only to Anna Shcherbakova and Alexandra Trusova . For the first time in the history of figure skating, she performed two quadruple loops in one program.

At the Russian Grand Prix final in St. Petersburg in March 2023, Adelia Petrosyan confidently won first place (255.01 points). She performed two quadruple toe loops and a triple flip, but fell on a triple axel.

Earlier, Petrosyan answered a question about joining the Armenian national team.


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