Russian woman attacked a saleswoman who refused to serve her after the store closed

In the Moscow region , an aggressive visitor to a pet store attacked a salesperson who refused to serve her after closing. This was reported by the Mash Telegram channel .

The incident, caught on CCTV, took place on October 6 in Podolsk . After the end of the shift, the store employee was busy cleaning and accepting new goods. At this time, a woman with a backpack entered the room and wanted to buy a leash for her pet. The saleswoman tried to explain to the visitor that she could no longer serve her because the cash register was closed.

Unable to accept the refusal, the dog owner entered into a verbal conflict and did not respond to requests to leave the store. The victim tried to take the woman out, but the latter attacked her and began hitting her on the head and tearing her hair.

The saleswoman listened to the stranger’s insults and ended up in the hospital with a closed head injury and numerous bruises.

Earlier, the Russian attacked a cashier who offered to pay for the purchase through SBP.

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