The Ministry of Health of the Gaza Strip has updated data on the number of victims of Israeli shelling

The death toll in the Gaza Strip as a result of Israeli bombing has risen to 2,450. Such data are provided by TASS with reference to the Ministry of Health of the Gaza Strip.

“2,450 citizens were killed,” the publication said.

According to the department, 9,200 casualties are also reported.

Previously, the Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that the death toll from the Hamas attack had risen to 1,799 people.

The Israeli army is going to use JDAM aerial bombs in the Gaza Strip, and then launch a ground invasion of the region, said Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh . For several days now, IDF planes have been dropping leaflets calling on Gazans to evacuate to Egypt . It is not yet clear whether Cairo will agree to accept more than a million refugees. Read more in the article “Gazeta.Ru” .

Earlier, Iran allowed the situation for Israel to worsen.

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